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Sarah Dongmi Choi's journey in the South Korean startup landscape is nothing short of remarkable. At the heart of her mission is a relentless pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship, championed through her pivotal role at Chungbuk Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (CCEI), a vanguard institution powered by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Sarah's dedication to fostering the growth of startups and smoothing their path to global markets is evident not only in her day-to-day endeavors but also in the compelling narratives she crafts.

A master storyteller, Sarah delves into the intricacies of startups, investment, and globalization through her articles. Her interviews with experts across diverse fields don't just resonate; they ignite conversations among startups, investors, and a vast network of LinkedIn professionals. In 2023, her influential voice and insightful content secured her a place among the Top 10 women contributors on e27, a distinguished platform that bridges the gap between investors and startups across Southeast Asia.

But Sarah's influence extends far beyond her written words. As a LinkedIn influencer, she has captivated over 14,000 followers within a span of two years, earning her a top spot among South Korea's LinkedIn elite and the distinction of being the #1 female influencer in 2024. Her followers, inspired by her journey and insights, affectionately dubbed her "Homo Dongmicus" — a testament to her swift rise and impactful presence in the startup world. This nickname, now the title of her seminal work, "Homo Dongmicus: From an Office Worker to an Influencer," encapsulates Sarah's dynamic approach and her ability to inspire at the speed of startups. With her posts reaching 1.7 million views annually, Sarah Dongmi Choi continues to be a beacon for aspiring entrepreneurs and a formidable force in shaping the future of startups.

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About Chungbuk CCEI

Citing an article from Korea Herald Business (2020.8.27.)

Chungbuk Center for Creative Economy and Innovation(Chungbuk CCEI) is backed by the government startup accelerator. The Center focuses on early-stage startups in the biotech industry.

Since being selected as the operator of the Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS) program organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in November 2016, the Chungbuk Innovation Center, with the support of LG, has invested in startups in ICT, energy and manufacturing sectors as well as biotech, a strategic industry in North Chungcheong Province. The center provides various support programs for startups. Some of the notable programs are following: “Bio Benchmarking School” which is a startup education program for biotechnology startups done together with EBD Academy, “Global Partnering” program which supports startups to attend events like Bio Europe and Bio USA, “Global Business Development” program that is operated together with the local experts, and “License Support” program that helps startups with acquisition of certifications such as FDA, CE, MDR, and others.